Technology and Developer

Technology and Developer

What were formerly distinct learner personas are now converging…

Enterprise Technology (ET)

  • Responsible for technology infrastructure
  • Heavy focus on network technology and system integration
  • Emphasis on troubleshooting, maintenance and data security
  • More apt to seek certifications

Software Development

  • Responsible for building new software products
  • Leverages programming languages, APIs, frameworks and a host of tools.
  • Emphasis on developer tool sets and workflow

Each persona has unique learning needs but with the increase in DevOps the boundaries between the two are blurring.

Our proven approach to Learning Design



  • Expert-driven, video-courses
  • Hands-on Insights from real-world technologists
  • Micro-learning for agile delivery
  • Assessment and exam prep


  • Thousands of books from the industry’s leading technology publishers
  • Access to code examples and other support resources
  • Certification prep


  • Industry’s largest collection of audio books
  • Coverage for DevOps, Agile and other technical topics
  • Relevant strategy and leadership titles


  • Hands-on practice labs for both coding and infrastructure scenarios
  • Live, virtual boot camps
  • Integrated mentoring and support

85% of our top 100 technology courses fall within 15 central topic areas

  • Security

  • Cloud

  • AI

  • Agile

  • Python

  • ML

  • Blockchain

  • Java

  • DevOps

  • SQL

  • Java Spring

  • Big Data

  • AWS

  • Testing

  • Azure

Skill soft Codex Hands-on Virtual Coding Labs

Continued expansion into DevOps, Microservices, Full Stack and other developer topics:

Developing Micro services using Java and Spring Cloud

Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R

Kubernetes and Application Containers

Mastering DevOps with Docker
Mastering DevOps with Chef
Mastering DevOps with Puppet
Mastering DevOps with Jenkins
Shell Scripting Essentials

Coverage of core languages and frameworks:

Advanced jQueryAndroid App Dev Essentials

Angular 4 App Dev

App Dev with React and Flux

Defensive Programming in Java

Dev ASP.NET MVC Web Apps

Introduction to Eclipse

JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries
jQuery Essentials
HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
Python for Data Science
Python Fundamentals
Software Development Fundamentals