Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Training

Digital transformation integrates technology into all areas of the business to effectively keep up in today’s ever-changing digital economy.

Digital Transformation Collection-

Essentials of Digital Transformation

  • Connecting with the Internet of Things

Digital Experiences

  • Building a Culture of Design Thinking

Data Science

  • Exploring Data Visualization

Agility for Digital Transformation

  • Innovating with Lean Product Management

Digital Marketing and Communications

  • Leveraging Social Media for Persuasive Communication

Virtual Work

  • Exploring Virtual Collaboration

Digital Competencies

  • Making Data-driven Decisions

Goals of Digital Transformation Courses

Our goal is to help individuals, leaders, and managers:

  • Understand where technology provides the most value to the organization and how to leverage it
  • Become more knowledgeable at a basic level about engineering, analytics, systems, design thinking, Agile, and user experience
  • Identify the potential of technological innovations and determine the revenue-generating possibilities of pursuing them
  • Be ready to spot opportunities for re-framing or extending traditional business models to include a stronger digital dimension
  • Understand the range of ways that digital technologies can be leveraged internally to:
    • Enhance communication and collaboration
    • Increase innovation and streamline operations
    • Improve the performance of individuals and teams